Spokespeople #3: Into the Wild!

Patrick McVittie tells a particularly wild first-time story of how he met his wife and dislocated his shoulder on a kayaking misadventure. (Photo by Chris Coster.)

Word. It’s time for our third storytelling event, which is completely crazy to Becca, Emma, and I. (We didn’t know if anyone besides our 6 storytellers would show up for our first one 2 months ago!)

Just a moment to note that we heard you loud and clear after the second event:

  • We’re capping the number of storytellers at 8. (Though we don’t intend to have fewer than 5, 11 was far too many.)
  • We’ll have but one intermission for snacks and restrooms.
  • I will limit the number of logistical announcements to less than or equal to 5 at any given time.
  • We’ll do time checks for storytellers at 10 minutes.
  • We’ll line up the majority of storytellers in advance, however we will have one or two last minute spots for folks who get inspired at the event.

That’s all! We can’t wait until next Saturday to hear your wild stories. If you want to tell a story, email Rebecca Stievater to make sure your name is on the list.

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