Spokespeople creates a space for everyone to tell their story.

Spokespeople promotes the art of storytelling by producing live community events across the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 2011 by a group enamored with both cycling and storytelling, we combine these passions by taking our show on the road, fusing our stories with the tales of local communities. Through these events, as well as our podcast, we amplify the power of true stories to reveal the diversity of the human experience. Spokespeople embraces and empowers storytellers from all backgrounds, striving to create an inclusive performance space that celebrates the narratives in each of us.

Spokespeople Advisory Board!

Spokespeople Advisory Board!


Co-founder Rebecca Stievater rode her bike across the country twice. She’s also ridden up and down the coast of California, Florida, and across Iowa. She likes to raise money to ride her bike places. She also likes riding horses, rowing, snowboarding, hiking, and walking her dog, Huck. She lives in the East Bay. Email Rebecca.

Co-founder Sara Barz rode her bike across the country only once, but she’s done a lot of other things like some writing, figure skating and performing of classical music. Don’t get her started rambling on about urban planning. She lives in San Francisco, not so recently returned from studying bike sharing as a Fulbright Fellow in Paris, and earned a Master of City Planning degree from UC Berkeley. Email Sara.

Alice Bynum:  Grew up shy, watching life over the top edge of a book. Climbed cottonwoods in Idaho, slept under turntables of film. Port de bras. Arpeggios. Got to high school, still not cool. Got leads because remembered lines. Became a punk rock drummer. Floated the Green River. Snuck books on my solo. Studied bio and sociology while happily Marooned at the University of Chicago. Founded an experiential high school. Played bridge and Settlers. Poached a post-grad education in history. Spent three years in a martial arts school, teaching history and English. Getting a Master’s in Education at Mills College; playing White Stripes covers with her band, Hotel Yorba; and running the House of Duke event space, at present.

Alice teaches Freshman Art History and Junior/Senior Ethnic Studies at the Oakland School for the Arts.

Homeschooled by Jewish Lesbians in North Carolina, Advisory Board Member Gene Goldstein-Plesser made his way to the Bay via Rhode Island, landing himself a sweet office gig that requires biweekly undercover spy work. A sweet chili sauce aficionado, he also seeks out opportunities to accordion jam, cook giant wok-fuls of potluck food, and escape to the wild. Dragged by a close friend to the first Spokespeople event, he was hooked by the first story, and is thrilled to be helping steer the organization on towards greater horizons. Today, Bay Area story telling events…tomorrow, the world! Email Gene.

Advisory Board Member Zoë Lehman is a glitter enthusiast, public health worker bee, glutton for sunshine and lover of stories. She can almost always be found with or in pursuit of a cup of tea. Email Zoë.

Advisory Board Member Elizabeth Simone is a therapist and a comic. She believes in the healing power of telling one’s story, whether on the couch or behind the mic. Email Elizabeth.

Unless noted otherwise, all photography is by Chris Coster.

The Spokespeople audio team hard at work

The Spokespeople audio team hard at work

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