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Podcast #52: Angels We Have Heard on High

Warning: this story features the use of illicit substances in a church setting.

BeccaPickleJarThe teenagers went in two by two, into the Ark to play hackey sack. What do you do in the middle of the night with a group of red-eyed new best friends? Find out in this story from our April 2013 show, “Sleepovers.”

About the storyteller
Rebecca is a non-profit extraordinaire with a history of raising money to ride her bicycle to various places that are not very close together. She has a partner named Zoe, a dog named Huck, lives in the East Bay, and is from the east coast. She is also one of Spokespeople’s founders and a member of the Advisory Board. Listen to Becca tell more stories of awkward pot encounters on “Welcome to the Inner Circle of Trust.”

042713_PickleJar_Becca (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of Crowcombe Al via Flickr.

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