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Podcast #49: Shake, Glitter, and Roll

zoe-actual-cafe-march-2013To catch a thief, follow the glitter. This story of a lucky three-year-old and a convenient act of nature comes from our March 2013 show, “Perfect Timing.”

About the storyteller
Zoe Lehman is a glitter enthusiast, public health worker bee, glutton for sunshine, and lover of stories. She can almost always be found with a smile and a cup of tea.

Zoe can also be heard on our very first podcast,”The Operating Room,”  as well as “All the Cars Are Facing Me (or How Not to Learn to Drive in Chicago” and “Sliding Under the Influence.”  She is a member of our Advisory Board.

032413_ActualCafe_Zoe (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of Tanjila Ahmed via Flickr. 

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