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Podcast #19: All the Cars Are Facing Me (or How Not to Learn to Drive in Chicago)

Making the leap from being a transit rider to a driver can be tricky. For starters, you can’t rely anymore on the vehicle to magically get you where you want to go without providing it some direction. This story of how not to learn to drive in Chicago came from our August 2012 show, “Lost and Then Found.”

This storyteller, and audience fav, just did a wonderful job hosting our October storytelling show. She can also be heard on our very first podcast, “The Operating Room.”

Zoë hosting the October 2012 show, “Boo! Stories of Surprise”

About the storyteller
Zoë Lehman recently milked her first cow and udderly enjoyed it! She loves stories, storytelling, and the people who organize story telling events.

081512_ActualCafe_Zoe (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of William Murphy via Flickr.

2 thoughts on “Podcast #19: All the Cars Are Facing Me (or How Not to Learn to Drive in Chicago)

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