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Podcast #18: The Lost and Found

The Lost and Found is a finite space. It houses wayward gloves, wallets, and puffy jackets until their original owners come to reclaim them, or their new owners take gleeful possession of them. This story of one (un)enterprising teenager from Hailey, Idaho, and her lost and found came from our August 2012 show “Lost and Then Found.”

Enjoy the story!

Alice in action. Photo by Rebecca Stievater.

About the storyteller
Alice Bynum is a history teacher and a budding martial artist from Hailey, Idaho.  She doesn’t mind public speaking, making friends, and weeknight drinking, but in almost every case, she’d rather be reading.

081512_ActualCafe_Alice (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of Ryan Zxzzy via Flickr.

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