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Podcast #15: The Missing Extracurriculars

A potluck that consists only of cupcakes, an aspiring competitor to Amazon, and group full of bond underwriters — or what one storyteller finds when he goes in search of meaningful extracurricular activities in the real world. This story of life after college comes from our July 2012 show “Wishful Thinking.”

Gene can also be heard on our 6th podcast, “Transit Is My Thing.”

Gene Goldstein-Plesser

About the storyteller
Homeschooled by Jewish Lesbians in North Carolina, Gene Goldstein-Plesser made his way to the Bay last July via Brown University, landing himself a sweet office gig that requires biweekly undercover spy work.  A sweet chili sauce aficionado, he is currently in search of a good accordion teacher, a life partner, and more opportunities to escape to the wild.

Podcast #15: The Missing Extracurriculars (mp3)

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