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Podcast #24: A Ladder Runs Through It

New to home repair, this storyteller learns important lessons on compassion and what not to buy at Home Depot. This story of learning to be meaningfully — if painfully — honest with oneself comes from our August 2012 show, Lost and Then Found, at the Actual Cafe in Oakland.

(We’re back at the Actual Cafe this Sunday, Dec. 9. Come say hi!)

Susan Strom. Photo by Rebecca Stievater.

Susan Strom. Photo by Rebecca Stievater.

About the storyteller
Susan Strom is a California native with a penchant for empathizing with unlikely characters. When she isn’t figuring her way out of awkward situations, she is trying to make sense of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Susan can also be heard on our 7th podcast, “Press the Red Button.”

081512_ActualCafe_Susan (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of Nur Hussein via Flickr

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