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Podcast #33: It’s a Darkish Bed(ish) Bug

Dan Royles. Photo by Chris Coster.

Dan Royles. Photo by Chris Coster.

While moving from one coast to the other, this week’s storyteller discovers that he just might be carrying some unwanted hop-ons to his new digs — that is if he can ever get there. This story of red(ish) scares in the home of McCarthyism comes from our December 2012 show, When It Rains It Pours.

About the storyteller
Dan Royles is a doctoral student in history at Temple University in Philadelphia, but sometimes he pretends to live in San Francisco. He has a bad habit of telling the same stories over and over again.

Dan can also be heard on our thirteenth podcast, “Oh Once I Was The Prince of Spain!

120912_ActualCafe_Dan (mp3)

Photo courtesy of Bethany via Flickr. 

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