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Spokespeople on Saturday, Sept 28th

Zoe and Sara host Spokespeople

Zoe and Sara host July Spokespeople

September Spokespeople: Camp

Summer is coming to an end, but we want you to relive your best summer memories with us! Camp is the theme for our September event. Share your best camp stories, whether from sleep-away camp, Scouts, weekend car camping trips with your grownup friends, Burning Man happenings, campy drag queen aesthetics…so many possibilities. Sign up to tell a story by emailing rebecca.stievater@gmail.com. Stories must be true, told without notes, and be at most ten minutes in length.

Saturday, September 28
*New location!*
1415 Golden Gate Ave.
San Francisco, Calif.
Free admission (donations accepted!)
Doors at 7:00 PM, first storyteller 7:30 PM
Theme: Camp!
Email rebecca.stievater@gmail.com to sign up!

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