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Podcast #54: Scare Bears

zach_morris_sept_2013_naked_ladyUnder the luminous super moon in the wilds of South Lake Tahoe, our storyteller protects his girlfriend armed with nothing but a pen knife and the audacity to applaud. Nothing brings a couple together like a challenge to face together — or so we’re told. This story was performed live at our September 2013 show, “Camp.”

About the storyteller
Zach Morris is a  Jacksonville-Florida-born amateur raconteur of the old Jewish variety. A lifelong camper who was once universally called , Zach “Needs to Shower” Mor – IS,  now spends his days in Berkeley as a PhD student studying comparative social policy. He loves himself a good story.

092813_NakedLady_Zach (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of OnceAndFutureLaura via Flickr.

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