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Podcast #60: Don’t Judge a Gift by its Wrapping


Sam playing a recording of Beth’s impression of their date.

Middle school love. Need we say more? Our story’s hero plans a romantic beachside brunch to avoid conversation only to find his lips otherwise sealed. This story of a kiss inspired by the funny pages comes from our February 2014 show, “Exes and Ohhhhs.”

About the storyteller

Sam spends his days showing kids how to misuse power tools and how to make music videos. He is most afraid of the House of Prime Rib on Polk Street, doilies, and Lyme Disease in that order.

022114_PickleJar_Sam (mp3)

Sam with the comic strip that inspired this story-worth date:


And the last pane:

20140221-DSC_2898Photos by Chris Coster.


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