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Podcast #64: Ax, And Ye Shall Receive

katie seibert jan 2014Pantsless, in a Ninja Turtles t-shirt, our storyteller frolicked freely in the verdant hills of suburban Maryland until an ill-timed encounter with an ax. Our storyteller, with all her limbs and wits intact, recounted this tale at our January 2014 show, “Scars.”

About the storyteller
Not too long ago, Katie Seibert was prepared to work the next 10 years of her life at a desk, a slave to student debt. Instead, she decided to quit her job and travel the world. She has now returned 16-months later. Though she seems adventurous, her spirit animal is a house-cat – a gay, vegan, coffee-addicted, artist house-cat with lots and lots of stories.

012514_HouseOfDuke_Katie (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of Phil Roeder via Flickr.

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