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Hibernation Holiday Party — Goodbye, Spokesppl!

Beloved SpokesFans,
Please dedicate this premium December Saturday to a joyous send-off for our storytelling organization, which is officially entering hibernation. We are throwing a holiday party for this goodbye, and it would mean so much to see all of your faces merrily schmoozing and reminiscing.

There will be a short set of four final stories (email Sara at podcast@spokesppl.org if you have one good for goodbye!) as well as a period of open-mic *brief* toasts to the six years of What Was.

The stories will live on online at spokesppl.org, but there is nothing more meaningful than the community we all built. We look forward to being together for the last time in this context.


When: Saturday, December 16th
Doors at 7 pm, first storyteller at 7:30 pm

Venue: House of Duke
3133 College Avenue
Berkeley, CA
(Half a block north from College & Alcatraz, about a 10-minute walk from Rockridge BART)

Theme: Spokespeople
Free admission

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