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Podcast #31: The Carport That Keeps on Giving

Hey podcast listeners! Join us this Feb. 17 for the first Spokespeople bike ride of 2013. Join us at 10 a.m. at Ashby BART in Berkeley for a spoke-filled climb up Grizzly Peak. 


Lynn Ruth Miller. Photo by Chris Coster.

Lynn Ruth Miller. Photo by Chris Coster.

“I don’t know what Santa brought me, but I know what he took away.”  Not exactly an auspicious opening to a story, but it is particularly descriptive of the season of ups and downs that started with an insurance adjuster and ended with a Christmas in July. This story of the consequences of living in the Midwest comes from our December 2012 show, When It Rains, It Pours.

About the storyteller
Lynn Ruth Miller was dubbed the new Joan Rivers of Fringe Comedy. Now 79, she made it to Las Vegas in America’s Got Talent in 2008, won People’s Choice at the 2009 Branson Comedy Festival, made the finals in Bill Word’s Funniest Female Contest in 2009, competed in the semi-finals in the SF International Comedy Competition, and was in the top 100 in Britain’s Got Talent not to mention winning both nights at the Texas Burlesque Festival without taking off anything that matters.

120912_ActualCafe_LynnRuth (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of Logan Smith via Flickr.

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