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Podcast #30: Naked Surprise

We’ve got bikes on the brain this month! We’re putting literal black tar beneath our wheels this Feb. 17 for the first Spokespeople bike ride of 2013. Join us at 10 a.m. at Ashby BART for a spoke-filled climb up Grizzly Peak. 



Rebecca at Viracocha. Photo by Chris Coster.

While earning their Bike & Build street cred, two cyclists experience a series of unexpected events on a dusty road in Montana. (Alternate titles for this podcast include, “Dude, Where’s My Sports Bra?”). This story of breaking chains and losing undergarments came from our October 2012 show, Boo! Stories of Surprise.

About the storyteller
Rebecca is one of Spokespeople’s co-founders.  Hailing from Massachusetts, she currently is perfecting her skills as a jack-of-all-trades as she dabbles in teaching horseback riding, fixing bicycles, non-profiting, leading outdoor trips, and coaching rowing.  If you enjoy the story, you should consider hiring her. If you don’t enjoy the story, you should still consider hiring her because everyone loves a ginger.

Rebecca can also be heard on our 22nd podcast, “Welcome to the Inner Circle of Trust.”

102812_Viracocha_Becca (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of Rebecca Stievater.

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