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Podcast #40: He’s Going The Distance

20130227-DSC_1742If you only have one CD — a Cake CD — and it falls to the opposite side of the car, what is the appropriate response at 75 mph? Our storyteller shares his take as well as weighs the pros and cons of hitting on your EMT in this story from our February 2013 show, Close Call.

About the storyteller
Patrick McVittie is a Bay Area native and maker of things. He works for the government and spends your taxes on science.

Catch Patrick on two other podcasts, “Ninja Skillz” and “Take a Chance on a Kayak.” A favorite from early on, we’re sad to be losing Patrick’s storytelling skills to the lovely city of Seattle. That said, we wish he and his wife (see Kayak story) lots of story-worthy adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

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Homepage photo courtesy of Adam Howarth via Flickr.

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