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Podcast #45: Overly Candida


Please be advised that this story recognizes the existence of sex and vaginal yeast infections.


Friends, if you want to stop your yeast infections, cut out sugar, chocolate, caffeine, and bread. Or don’t, and you too may find yourself up late one night with a tray of ice cubes and a strategically placed mini fan. This story of a yeast infection à la française comes from our January 2013 show, Too Much Information.

About the storyteller
Elizabeth Simone is a therapist, a dancer, a cartoonist, and a comic. Although she has lived in the Bay Area for three years, she will always be a New Yorker at heart.

Elizabeth can also be heard on our 35th podcast, “In The Wee Hours of The Morning,” our 25th podcast, “Moist and Festering: A Platonic Roommate Love Story,” and on our 12th podcast, “My Longest Long-Term Fantasy Relationship.”

012613_PickleJar_Elizabeth (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of Carl Zeiss Microscopy via Flickr.

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