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Podcast #58: Cherry Garcia vs. Wavy Gravy

Zoe - Naked Lady - 2013A Berkeley girl goes to Camp Winnarainbow to develop her appreciation for sleepovers and circus arts only to find herself at odds with her gloomy camp counselor. Even an appreciation for Cherry Garcia ice cream gets her nowhere with this less than merry prankster. This story was told live at our September 2013 show, “Camp.”

About the storyteller
Zoe Lehman is a glitter enthusiast, public health worker bee, glutton for sunshine, and lover of stories. She can almost always be found with a smile and a cup of tea.

Zoe is an advisory board member who can be heard telling numerous wonderful stories on the podcast.

092813_NakedLady_Zoe (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of meaghan via Flickr. 

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