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Podcast #67: Take the Fright Elevator

zoe - 10 -2013 - freespaceYou scream, I scream, this storyteller screams for some help! She was just floored to discover part of a Halloween haunted house that left her and her band of third graders in the in-between of an elevator shaft. This story was told live at our Oct. 2013 show, “Parents or Guardians.”

Spooky times.

About the storyteller
Zoe Lehman is a glitter enthusiast, public health worker bee, glutton for sunshine, and lover of stories. She can almost always be found with a smile and a cup of tea. Zoe’s last story on the podcast: “Podcast #58: Cherry Garcia vs. Wavy Gravy.”

102613_Freespace_Zoe (mp3)

Homepage photo courtesy of dbr Atl via Flickr.

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